Terms and Conditions and Insurance

As your Pet Travel Assistant I am responsible for your pet during his or her journey. But of course there are a few important facts. My Terms and Conditions will explain my responsibility as a Pet Travel Assistant and also your responsibility as the person hiring me. My Terms and conditions will be sent to you together with the official quotation.

For some countries an authorization form is required. In this form you give me permission to travel with your pet and with this form I can proof that I am hired to take care of your pets transport and that there is no stealing involved.

In the unlikely event the pet causes damage to material or other third parties during the journey, the official owner at the time of travel can make a claim with his or her own liability insurance company. When traveling by car, my own car insurance covers for a certain amount medical expenses for the pet in case of an accident. When traveling by airplane, boat ferry or train the company is insured in case of emergencies.