Pets always travels as handbagage in Cabin

When your pet requires a pet transport by plane, I always fly as a Personal Pet Travel Assistant with your pet in the cabin. I never use cargo or checked bagage. Flying with a pet in cabin is the only way I can make sure your pet is monitored and taken care of during the entire journey.

I can pick up and deliver you cat or small dog from a home/breeder address or airport anywhere in the world.*

I have several approved pet transport carriers / boxes because each airline has different rules. Some only accept soft transport boxes and others only hard ones, and some companies may allow the carrier to be slightly larger than others. All my pet carriers have extendable sides and this is ideal. This means there is room for a litter box, bowls for food and water, toys and there is still plenty of room to move around and find a comfortable position to relax during the flight and also while waiting at the gate.

To find the best options for a flight, I check with several airlines to see what the best flight route is for your pet. Your pet’s comfort is always my number one priority! I therefore always choose the shortest possible route with as less stopovers as possible. On longer and international routes and when the option is available, I fly Comfort Economy because of more legroom. It does make the plane ticket a bit more expensive, but your pet will have a huge benefit from it, because I can optimally enlarge the pet carrier. Your animal will have complete comfort during the flight and I will also have plenty of room left for my legs. On shorter flights, Comfort Economy is often not provided and legroom is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, I often still have room to extend at least one side. Many flights are operated with KLM, Lufthansa, FlySAS and Delta Airlines, because of their highly qualified ‘pet-in-cabin policy’, but of course it depends on the destination. Sometimes Eurowings, Swiss Air or Transavia have good options and they are also known for their good ‘pet in cabin’ service.

Do you have more animals that need to fly? No problem. Some companies accept two animals per carrier, depending on size and age. Please contact me and I will be happy to look at the possibilities.

Important info: Cats or dogs above 6 or 8 kilograms (depending airline) can only travel by car when possible, because of the “pet in cabin” maximum weight rule.

* Some countries have different rules for import and export of pets by plane and do not allow ‘Pet in Cabin’. Like for instance South Africa. Then only a cargo flight is possible. Ask the breeder of your pet or a pet travel organisation to take care of your pet’s cargo flight. I do not assist cargo flights.

Going through security and customs:

Flying with pets is always fun, because I get always lots of attention from passengers, the crew and other employees at the airport. When I go through security I always get ‘special’ treatment from the employees. I think they all have animals. Nevertheless this security moment is also a bit exciting because the pet usually needs to be removed from the transportation box for a few minutes. For this reason, I always have the cat or dog wearing a harness. At most airports they offer a great service to do the security check in a separate room.

On Board:

Once we are up in the air I can extend the pet carrier as shown below. This fantastic transportation carrier is allowed on most flights and is big enough to put a small litter box in it. And even then, there will be plenty of space for food and water bowls, cozy blankets and to move around. Most pets are very relax during the flight and sleep most of the time. Just like us people they also get a bit sleepy and fuzzy because of the little bit less oxygen on board. Don’t worry! It is not dangerous for them, just like it is not dangerous for us either. During takeoff and landing they might get a bit nervous sometimes because of all the loud noises, but making eye contact with your pet and letting them know it is ok works perfect. I never use sedatives. I only use Feliway Spray or Adaptil, if I think the cat or dog requires it and is absolutely safe. For more info check or

Because every pet travel is different, I always make a personal and free custom-made quotation.

If you are interested in my private pet transport service for your cat or small dog, please contact me.