Traveling by car within Europe

I drive throughout every country in Europe to pick up or drop off your pet. Your pet always has a private pet transport and does never travel with other animals! So no other barking dogs or meowing cats that will give additional stress to your pet on his or her journey abroad. And definitely no long drives with several extra stops to deliver other pets. Your pet always has a private pet transportation directly to the agreed destination to any foreign country under my own supervision.

I drive in a regular passenger car, a Volkswagen Passat Stationwagen Hybride and not a big truck or a van. I have one transportation box in the back of my car and I have visual contact with your pet the entire journey. This is a great benefit. The transportation box is large, professional, safe and officially approved. Only this way of personal and private traveling gives your pet the most comfortable and relaxing way of driving. It is sometimes a bit scary for the pet to travel, especially when the transport is to a foreign country. To make it as much as comfortable as possible is my priority. Soft blankets and cushions are always used to make their journey nice. Of course, water and food are provided for your pet and there are several toys, relaxing soft baskets, and for cats a litter box. I always plan some stops to have cuddle moments with your pet, if they like that. Cats always stays safe in the car of course and I will sit in the back with them to play. Dogs will have stops at safe parking areas to let them walk on a leash as well. Sometimes the journey is too long to drive in one day and is a hotel night necessary. I always choose pet-friendly hotels and the dog or cat always stays with me in the room. They will never stay alone the car!

In case you have more pets that need to be transported abroad to similar destinations and they already know each other, then I can transport more pets on the same journey, as long as there is enough space for each pet in my transport box.

Because every pet travel is different, I always make a personal and free custom-made quotation.

If you are interested in my private pet transport service for your cat or small dog, please contact me.