Pet in Cabin

Pet in Cabin

When I fly with your pet I always fly with your pet in the cabin, as a Personal Pet Travel Assistant. I never use cargo or checked bagage. This is the only way I can make sure your pet is monitored and taken care of during the entire journey. To find the best options for a flight I check with several airlines for the most favorable flight route for your pet. Your pet’s comfort is always my biggest priority! Lots of flights are for instance with KLM, Lufthansa, FlySAS and United Airlines, because of their high qualified “pet in cabin policies,” but of course it depends on the destination. Sometimes Eurowings, American Airlines, Swiss Air or Delta Airines have great offers and are also known for their good “pet in cabin” accommodations.

I have several approved transportation boxes as each airline has different rules, some only accept soft covers and some only hard covers.

Going through security and customs:

Flying with pets is always fun, because I get always lots of attention from passengers, the crew and other employees at the airport. When I go through security I always get ‘special’ treatment from the employees. I think they all have animals. Nevertheless this security moment is also a bit exciting because the pet usually need to be removed from the transportation box for a few minutes. For this reason, I always have the cat or dog wearing a harness.

Rabies vaccination, microchip transponder and pet passport:

If your pet is traveling to another country they always need a Rabies vaccination, microchip transponder and an official pet passport or legal papers with all of this information. Depending on the country, vaccine timelines vary, but it is mostly 21 to 30 days before travel. Some countries require extra import papers or treatments for your pet. For instance, recent health certificates, tapeworm treatments and sometimes even a blood test to check for Rabies antibodies are required. Please make sure you check the rules that are necessary to ensure a successful journey for your pet. Of course I also check the import rules, so I know what to expect. Your veterinarian can also help you with all the information about import rules.