When the distance is acceptable to travel by car your pet is transported with my personal supervision. There is also a GoPro camera with a live stream in the transportation box so I can have supervision the entire time of traveling. The transportation box is large, professional, safe and officially approved. Soft blankets and cushions are always used to make their journey as comfortable as possible. Of course, water and food are provided for your pet. For cats, I have a relaxing cat bed and a litter box. For dogs, I have several toys available and I plan stops at safe parking areas to let them walk on a leash.

I always assist one pet at a time. Then only your pet has all the attention and personal care that he or she requires and there will be no additional stress caused by other pets. In case you have more pets that need to be transported to similar destinations and they already know each other, then I can transport more pets on the same journey.

Rabies vaccination, microchip transponder and pet passport:

If your pet is traveling to another country they always need a Rabies vaccination, microchip transponder and an official pet passport or legal papers with all of this information. Depending on the country, vaccine timelines vary, but it is mostly 21 to 30 days before travel. Some countries require extra import papers or treatments for your pet. For instance, recent health certificates, tapeworm treatments and sometimes even a blood test to check for Rabies antibodies are required. Please make sure you check the rules that are necessary to ensure a successful journey for your pet. Of course I also check the import rules, so I know what to expect. Your veterinarian can also help you with all the information about import rules.